Discover the beauty and rich history of Thorn!

Unique in the world

Thorn and it's surroundings offer numerous activities. A variety of beautiful routes that can be followed by foot or bicycle, leads you trough majestic forests and calming landscapes. When visiting Thorn in summer we can really recommend to take a dive into one of the nearby located lakes part of your trip. When you visit we'd be pleased to give you information about all the best spots to attend and most inspiring routes.

The so called White Town has a unique history that dates from the first millennium. For more than 800 years noble dames ruled the village of Thorn. Besides being the judges in their own court, the ladies also crafted their own currency. Thorn was rich and prosperous.

Since this medieval period not much has been changed over the years except time itself. Everywhere you look you will find traces of Thorn's remarkable history. The local museum will give you an impression of this period in time when these nobel ladies ruled. Or discover the historical treasures kept and displayed at the majestic abbey. We can assure you that a visit will be worth your effort!

To do in Thorn

Music events: during the spring and summer there are several musical festivities of different genres (from classical to modern) held around the abbey.

However, the whole year round Thorn and it's surroundings offer some exiting activities:

To see in Thorn

The rich history of Thorn is a unique cultural experience that has been securely preserved and offers several attractions that can be visited. 

A walk trough the medieval town center is already a treat on it's own, but we also recommend to visit:

To eat in Thorn

Thorn also offers a variety of culinary treats suited for every liking. If you desire a delicious snack platter with a fresh glass of local Limburgian beer or a fancy candlelight dinner, Thorn has got it all.

If you you have any specific whishes we can inform you on the possibilities during your stay. For instance, take a look at below recommendations:

Plan a city trip

Because of the central location of Thorn, surrounding cities in our province are easy to reach if you are planning a city trip. But also international trips to Belgium and Germany are only a stone's throw away.